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Since its birth, in January 2000, Kanal 75 has grown to become one of Sweden's largest producer of TV and internet services. Not bad for a company focusing mainly on trotting and thoroughbred racing.

We are on the air 365 days a year, from early morning to late evening, producing more than 100 hours of TV every week.

Kanal 75 is not truly – but nearly - an own TV-channel.

Our programs can be watched on TV4, at the ATG betting shops or on the internet at Kanal 75's productions are even accessible in Australia, South Africa, USA or some 20 European countries. That makes Kanal 75's coverage and distribution of Swedish horse racing unique.

Kanal 75 is truly a multimedia company with its own news agency and an internet service. This service,, can be used by other media to access news, features, photos, starting lists, results, etc.

Kanal 75 is a fully owned subsidiary of ATG, the authorized betting company for horse racing – trotting and thoroughbred – in Sweden.